Nice dogs, welcome to Siltrip!

In Siltrip we love dogs, that’s why we have a “dog friendly” boat every day, at 11 in the morning.

Our catamaran is small, so we can only embark four dogs on each trip, and for the best possible coexistence on board we ask you to comply with some simple rules:

Dogs must get on board dry and clean (be careful with the waterfall, which usually attracts them enough: they can enjoy it when they return to land).

The catamaran seats are for humans, the dogs must do the ride lying on the ground and leashed.

We admit dogs up to 20 Kg, provided they are well socialized and, in the case of PPP (Potentially dangerous dogs), the law requires us for them to travel with a muzzle and a short leash.

And if you want to sail with us and also make plans with your dog, you can contact Perriturismo.

We are waiting for you and your four legged friends aboard our catamaran!

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